Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Shopping for the kids - DONE!

Wow.. that was a whirlwind hour and a half with PapaClause! Papa and I went shopping together since he didn't really know what to get the kids and I did. They are going to be SO excited! That man doesn't know when to stop.. but in all I think we did good. Santa just needs to fill up the stockings and we are set for them! Now I have to take each of them to get a present for each other and Daddy and Papa and we will be good. I know what we are getting great Auntie and I am not sure yet about Uncle.

My life is sooo packed crazy right now.. but then again.. when ISN'T it? Between the store, and school for the kids, CubScouts, Youth Activities, Church, FHE, Girl Scouts, Kung Fu... we just don't have much time for anything else. Then of course all of the fall shows are wrapping up so we sit like lumps and watch TV after the kids go to bed... ack

I am really excited about organizing the Genealogy that my gramma did. The Elders came over last week to look through what I had (which is considerable). I have records back to 1605 for one line of the family! Now I just need to get on the website and plug in what I have.. I am SOO excited to see it all pan out!

That's about it for me.. heading out to get the kids from school... then off to the next adventure! LOL

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gobble Gobble!

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was GREAT!
Hub pulled his usual (OH CRUD) with the alarm clock for the morning and was late to go surfing with a friend. I got up at 8:30 and started getting our Tom ready. He was a BIGGIN! I usually only cook a 13-15 lber.. our Tom this year was almost 21 lbs! So I cleaned him up.. sauted some veggies for stuffing... EVOO'ed and seasoned him.. stuffed him.. threw him in a big bag and roasting pan and into the oven he went!

Since I had spent the previous oh... week cleaning like crazy... I didn't have a whole lot to do! So I played on the computer. Very relaxing.. lol

Jason got home around 11:30 and his dad came over shortly after. They went out back and did manly things like... raking up the backyard... chainsawing wood logs for firewood... and playing ball with the kids.

I got my greenbean casserole ready. Had my lil stuffing packets ready to go also. Had the olives in a bowl and the rolls ready to pop into the oven to warm up. Butter on the table. In the back of my mind I thought something was missing but couldn't remember what. Oh yeah.. I was going to make deviled eggs. Crud.. ok.. won't take long.. into a pot of water the eggies go. While they are bubbling... I remember.. OH CRUD.. the mashed tatoes! oh nooo.. gotta peel tatoes, cut tatoes, cook tatoes, mash tatoes... and my eggies are in the pan I need! ARG! At that point I went into crazypersonmode. Clean... peel... cut... drain eggs... cook tatoes... cool eggs... drain tatoes... peel eggs... mash tatoes... cut eggs... mix yolks and mayo and stuffs... and on and on... lol

So.. food got to the table, we had a nice dinner and only tonight.. TONIGHT 4 days later did I remember that I forgot to put out the yummy cookies I had for treats! LOL

So.. otherwise things are good to go.. busy busy as usual! hugz!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holy Moly...

It's been kind of a whirlwind 2 weeks here. Lemme break it down..

1) I have a 10 year old! Lil' Girl had a great birthday! We picked up Uncle from the airport on Saturday, spent the day hanging out and visiting. Sunday we went to church and her primary class sang to her and wished her a happy day. We went out to lunch afterwards with all of us, plus Great Auntie and Uncle. Papa showed up (he was still working Ground Support for the fires that were here) and gave us money to pay for lunch... even though he couldn't stay! Lil' Girl got a REALLY cool book from Great Auntie, we gave her my old IPod, a case and a radio docking station for her room, brother gave her a movie and book. She was thrilled to death!

2) We were all baptized that night! SO many people came and it was awesome! The majority of our friends and family (save one who didn't approve) were there and supportive and everyone had a good time. Lil' Girl was SOOO excited and couldn't sit still. Lil' Boy kept telling everyone that he can't wait until he can be Babitized... lol All in all, a whirlwind evening!

Of course I immediately started my Thank You cards... there were soo many people there that I hardly knew where to start! But of course, there were 3 people who made it all possible... The Ryans and Sarah. I don't know how we can thank them enough. Seriously.

On Monday we took Uncle back to the airport and sent him home... Lil' Girl cried and cried. She misses her Uncle bunches. He is a wild and crazy guy! LOL

The following weekend we were welcomed into the Church and hubby was given the priesthood. That was super awesome! We have been talking a lot lately and really enjoying the community part thus far.

Hubby just signed up to be Cubmaster of Lil' Boy's new Cubscout pack and has been meeting with the rest of that crew recently. So much going on. He also applied for CDF. He plans to apply for Riverside CDF as well.

All in all we have been busy busy. Today is the first day I haven't had a ton of stuff to do.. so what am I doing? Laundry. Organizing kid drawers and closets. Cleaning up trash. etc etc.. figures eh?


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween has passed...

And this weekend my family and I embark on a TOTALLY new chapter in our lives. This weekend marks 2 MAJOR events for us.

1. My lil' girl will hit DOUBLE DIGITS on Sunday. (OMG I HAVE A 10 YEAR OLD!)
2. My husband, me & said lil' girl are being Baptized also on Sunday.

The past month has been a whirlwind of activity. It has been somewhat surreal actually. With everything we have gone through these past 2 years, this feels like an evolution for us as a family. The baptism was not expected, but neither was the experiences we have ALL had this past month. We are extremely happy, and ready to start this new chapter. Our family has been sooo much closer this past month, especially Jason and me. I am loving the community we are becoming a part of... the kindness and friendliness that seems to be sooo lacking in everyday life. I am loving feeling that I am a part of something bigger... FINALLY. I am loving how this has brought friends that I loved, but never quite involved myself with, closer to my heart... I am totally thankful for the new friends I have grown close to and the ones I have yet to get to know. I am SO stinking happy!

I have one regret, and I hope I can make this up to my VERY BEST FRIEND. I have not been available this month, and I know you have needed me. This is my promise to YOU friend... I am still me... will still be me... will still be your friend and confidant... and I promise that after this weekend is over, we will have a little YOU AND ME time. I love you friend and I hope you know how much you mean to me!

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


But extremely thankful!

The kid's school has been cancelled for the week. The air quality isn't that great so they can't really go outside and play. There is nothing on tv but the news. Stir crazy much?

I am so thankful that we are safe right now... that we have power... that we have friends... that we have each other.

Fellow San Diegan's... please know that you are ALL in our thought's and prayers!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Welp.. we are on fire once again..

Which really isn't anything to joke about. :o(

I will say this... they are a HELLUVA lot more organized than last time. Yes, there are something like 8 fires right now. Yes, the winds are HORRIBLE and not expected to die down until tomorrow night at the earliest. BUT... the air quality seems a lot better than last time and people seem to be a lot more calm this time around. Let's hope we get a reprieve before too long.

Keep safe San Diego!

Monday, October 08, 2007

I survived!!

Welp, we survived the weekend and WHAT A BLAST! We had such an amazing group at the crop, we did the Basic Grey class which was adorable!! In total, we raised over $500! Not bad in my opinion! Welp... this weekend was pretty cool as well... and onto another week! ps.. this blog post BITES... lol